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Tentang urut batin

Posted by drasrul on May 27, 2009 at 12:19 PM


In the article, we will explore the terms of the most popular and well known theraphy nowadays ie the urut batin (inner energy massage, jelqing, tantric lingham,manhood , sensual, erotic, massage etc) Urut batin is also described as the range of natural, safe and effective massage treatments that can renew one's sexual performance and revitalize manhood. When engaged by a professional, the theraphy will also help one to achieve:

  • Heightening sensitivity together with the fulfillment of pleasure
  • Harder, stronger & longer-lasting erections
  • Increased sexual desire (the arousal level)
  • More virility and potency(circulates sexual energy)
  • Increased visible penis siz(in girth and length)
  • Relaxes muscles for prolonged love making
  • Helping to treat & prevent premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfuntion (ED)

The art of erotic massage, as described in the Kama Sutra and Tantra has deep roots in Asia. While erotic massage is not specifically referenced in the Kama Sutra, but the ideas and philosophy have been safely adopted in erotic massage techniques. As Indian cultural influence is very apparent in South East Asian countries due to historical reasons, erotic massage have also been adopted, modified and incorporated in the local cultures.

Urut batin, a genital massage for men, is believed to originate from Indonesia. Another common words associated with urut batin are Javanes and Balinese. Both of them refer to their respective origins that are Java and Bali. This massage is a common practice in South East Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and last but not least Singapore primarily to enhance male virility,  enlargement, elongation and lastly as a treatment and a prevention to the most sexual disorder for men, premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction(ED).

This massage technique is closely associated with traditional Malay massage for men. It is similar but not identical to other massage techniques, such as manhood massage therapy, inner energy massage, jelqing, tantric lingham, sensual massage, erotic massage and others. As most people believe that male sexual virility and stamina is closely related to the most important and the only factor that is men's "spirit", it is not always correct. Nevertheless urut batin combines many aspects of the Karma Sutra withlocal cultural tradition to revitalise the physical, mental andspiritual and emotional aspects of a man. In a research conducted recently by Dr Asrul, a massage therapist and an alternative medicine practitioner from Qalbun Asrar Alternative Medicine, the results are staggering and awakening. 70% of an average men from 40 years and above are suffering from either PE or ED and the percentage is still rising. The figure comes along with the diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and the uprising number of heart diseases cases that strike both men and women in Malaysia for a number of years, in which the latter have the lower number of cases if studied in comparison.

Urut batin is supposed to heal the body, mind and soul. In the real world we sense in variety of ways - by sight, smell, taste, sound and touch, but among all of these touching affects us the most. As such, special oils are used for urut batin. The ambiance of the massage room is usually decorated with special lighthings and herbs to arouse the sense of sight and smell. Urut batin is a traditional Malay massage technique enhancing blood circulation to the penis, promoting emotional and mental well being. With this, it is believed that the man will have strength in penile erections and sexual stamina. Authentic urut batin in Malaysia is usually done by Malay men or women, who is a local bomoh (witch doctor) with/without the proficiency with the Malay martial arts, silat etc. However, today this ancient art is dominated by amateurs and prostitutes - younger men and women "self train" themselves by reading some books or learn from other amateurs and then proceed to offer "erotic massage" disguised as batin massage.This ancient art has been taken for granted all this times.

There are many techniques when we talk about the urut batin itself. Described later is one of the many examples that a masseur has, either he inherits the skill from his ancestors(inheritance) or the talent/skill that he has in common practice. A herbal oil is usually made using various local herbs and sea leechand etc but there are so many options for that in the market at present, and one can easily find it too. This herbal oil is extensively used in massage centres, parlours and spas, as it is widely believed to strengthen one's erection, enlarge one's penis and increase one's vigor and libido.

In this example, before a massage therapist can start with the urut batin, the patient should have the groin area clean-shaved first. Then optionally warm towels are applied to the penis and groin to stimulate bloodflow and to relax the muscles, ligaments and tendons. After removing the warm towels,aromatic herbal oil is applied to the whole body that the targets the points,meridians and zones on the feet corresponding to key elements of urino-genital system and to the upper thighs, abdomen and groin to enhance blood flow and help to remove blood stasis . Finally a special massage oil is applied to the penis and the deep tissue massage begins. Massage and stretching are applied to the penis to expand the corpora cavernosa and to stretch the suspensory tendons for an increased in visible girth and length. 

In Kuala Lumpur, you can find a variety of massage parlours advertising massage for men, urut batin and such, but most are not authentic. There has been a warning by health experts in the local media to be cautious with urut batin and other methods of male penile enhancement techniques by doing it the wrong way that could leave long lasting defects on your sexual member. This is not a threatening statement because in every places and for any aspects concerned, there are the positive and the negative ones. So one just has to choose accordingly and pick the right services offered from the market. Qalbun Asrar Alternative Healing is the  place if I were to recommend to boht men and women out there. Urut batin when engaged by a professional (like Dr Asrul) serves to enhance the men's spirit through heightening sensitivity, increasing the level arousal, increasing the fulfillment of pleasure, helping in the prevention of premature ejaculation, circulates sexual energy, and relaxes the muscles for prolonged love making. Choose the ones that will cure us and vice versa. Just be smart.



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Reply shayan
9:17 PM on June 27, 2009 
great post
Reply Raj
11:31 AM on July 28, 2009 
Hi !! I would like to enlarge my manhood through this therapy , How much and where it is done ?? Details please .
Reply drasrul
12:46 PM on July 28, 2009 
Please visit new information that i've just uploaded in the URUTBATIN page. Or you can just give me a call tomorrow. Thank you.
Raj says...
Hi !! I would like to enlarge my manhood through this therapy , How much and where it is done ?? Details pleas me .
Reply abd haslam b abd salam
11:02 PM on August 16, 2009 
slmt pagi,saya nak bertanya ni,adakah pihak tuan menjual vcd cara urut swedish ? cara urut bali? saya ingin membeli vcd tel saya : 016-584-4456 (kk.sabah )
sila maklumkan saya secepat yang mungkin ,.............terima kasih
Reply NOEL
5:32 AM on September 7, 2009 
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Reply smartass
3:26 PM on September 17, 2009 
Should manhood therapy end w a release anot & y is it so?Some say yes,some say no.Very confusing indeed.Anything 2 support?
Ur articles r very educating.Thks 4 sharing
Reply drasrul
6:36 PM on September 17, 2009 
smartass says...
Should manhood therapy end w a release anot & y is it so?Some say yes,some say no.Very confusing indeed.Anything 2 support?
Ur articles r very educating.Thks 4 sharing

thanks for asking. should it end with a release? no, certainly not. the urut batin is not in the same category as sensual-erotic-TANTRA-theraphy in terms of the heightening sensation. the objectives of urut batin are 2 ie to improve stamina greatly and to enhance further growth in length as well as in girth. one who has a problem with uncontrolled untrained sensation, may tend to 'give' a release during the theraphy...and this proves that he is suffering from that problem and to be treated by continuous urut batin theraphy. it is expected that when he is later in control of his heightening sensation, then there shouldn't be any release at all and this proves that he has gained his stamina back. please also refer to one of my articles ie Tips To Last Longer in bed.
Reply drasrul
6:40 PM on September 17, 2009 
abd haslam b abd salam says...
slmt pagi,saya nak bertanya ni,adakah pihak tuan menjual vcd cara urut swedish ? cara urut bali? saya ingin membeli vcd tel saya : 016-584-4456 (kk.sabah )
sila maklumkan saya secepat yang mungkin ,.............terima kasih

salam haslam,
maaf saya terlepas pandang pertanyaan encik. saya tidak mempunyai video rawatan yang encik minta tersebut. maka, saya minta maaf sekali lagi. selamat hari raya!
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